Valve Developer Commentaries (idea)

After reading Brandon Sheffield’s recent interview with Erik Johnson at gamastura, I had idea (might be a poor idea…):
It’d be charming/funny if Valve offered Easy, Medium, and Hard commentaries.

– Easy could be more for the casual couch potato who doesn’t care about game development at all. about the feel and fun. maybe invite celebrity types (critics? voice actors?) to chime in on what they enjoyed.

– Medium could be what we have gotten up until now. explanations of experiments that didn’t work out.

– Hard could let the brain trust step up and pat them selves on the back a bit for complicated things they invented. Bronwen Grimes gave a great speech at GDC last year about shading innovations for L4D2. It was a little over my head, but quite thrilling to sit through. I think it’d be nice to let people hear a commentary that is un-apologetically smart (let people choose to inspire themselves, and get a peek at how deep the rabbit hole of game design can go?)

just a though. wee.

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