weekend box offpiss

idea for comic for this weekend (ignoring the limited releases)
list of movies coming out Aug 14
A cartoon goldfish turns into a mutated cojoined twins pop band that is kept quarantined from society due to it’s general disgusting-ness. sparks begin to fly between two of the gross band members/head growths.
jeremy piven turns up in a competing band, The Goods, and refuses to admit that his dolphin training skills could be used to help the goldfish return to normalcy… until he is paid to. after the reversion, the ponyo fish finds itself falling in love with random growths that it feels are time traveling expressions of its former mutation.

too… on the nose…?

… i am struck by how hard it would be to convey this tangled story web in a page or two of comic art. HMMMZ. hmmf.

in the morning we wake (rant)

superrrr tired this morn. Case introduced me to to GoW2’s Horde mode last night. couldn’t stop playing. Nearly as addicting as L4D? … seems clear to me co-op survival is ten times the man that deathmatch ever was. makes me think my plans for a “fight the crazed homeless” vidHero game were misplaced. while that should be an option, it should clearly be a co-op fight to survive some sort of endless horde. i want to say yuppies, but i don’t really hate yuppies. iams probably a yuppiess. … FILM DIRECTORS! of course. you should be fighting off an endless horde of annoying filmmakers. this is very clear. Continue reading “in the morning we wake (rant)”