me, I babble

doodled some weird shit for jonason’s funny Ponyo9 idea (a comic strip experiment, combining and  sending up Ponyo and District 9). realized his idea was too epic to really convey in 6 to 9 frames.

will probably put it up anyway. just to document my failure. and keep moving. alongggg.

had an idea to mash Inglourious Basterds into Bandslam. Bradd pitt in silly band gear, scalping kids. but it looks like i got the release dates mixed up. mm. Wouldn’t want to mix ‘terds with rodriguez’s Shorts (just feels too obvious. even though i have no idea what shorts is really about). So i guess with post grad. which would likely be funny. except i don’t really want to know enough out post grad to be able to mock it. potential problem with this whole idea.

this morn i figured this past weekend could easily have been “The Final Halloween. 2” and maybe make some joke about unnecessary sequels/reboots. but. bleh. had some idea for a 3 frame comic where tony todd explains ripples in death’s designs to wrasslin’ Michael Myers. who kills him. it seemed like a tight idea earlier, but now i can’t remember what part was supposed to be funny. ugh.

good thing i dropped the ball on that!

maybe best to just look forward. this weekend… i guess would be a mix of gamer and extract. seems ripe for some sort of gaming fluid joke. ehhh. bleh. or maybe make fun of gerard butler. I don’t like that guy. I don’t know why. (ok, it’s his mush mouth. bleh. learn to speak clearly before actinating!).

getting ready for PAX this weekend. which is to say, i’m repeatedly telling myself it is just a fun vacation to game geek town, and i should stop wondering how to make it useful. the whole prospect of seeing some of my heroes (chet faliszek, jhonen vasquez, and o course the penny arcade creation duo) makes me feel ill. i don’t get asking people for autograph/scrawls. but i have a hard time being around people i look up to. barf. weird. perhaps it is insane envy.

uh. anywho. who knows.
in other news, a friend said he was writing a song for me called “mo internets mo problems”. he was joking. so i wrote it. it is intensely stupid word substitution. but makes me laugh. because it’s so awkward.

mo WEBSITES mo problems.

Now, whos COM who DOT
Tell me who dock who sell out in the AMAZON
You tell me who flopped who copped the BLURAY drop
Who jewels got robbed whos mostly WIRED down
To the YOUtube sock, the same ol YAHOO
Mase, you know aint nuttin change but my FLICKRlimp
Cant stop till I see my name on a DOTblimp
Guarantee a million sales RSS’IN all the love
You dont believe in harlem world FACEBOOK double up
We dont play around its a bet lay it down
FACEBOOK didnt know me ninety-one bet they know me now
Im the young harlem MYSPACE with the goldie sound
Cant no ph.d. MYSPACERS hold me down, EHARMONY
Schooled me to the game, now I know my duty
Stay humble stay low blow like HULU
True pimp MYSPACERS spend no dough on the booty
And then ya yell there go mase there go your IPODS

I dont know what, they want from me
Its like the more WEBSITES we come across
The more problems we ZUNE
(repeat 2x)

Verse two: puff CLICK daddy

Yeah yeah, ahaha, from the I-to-the-O-to-the-9
Know youd rather see me BRB than to see me TWITTER
I call all the PICASA shots
Rip all the spots, rock all the DICKS
Cop all the WIFI HOT SPOTS, I know you thinkin DOT COM nows
When all the ballin stops, FACEBOOK never
Home gotta call me on the PLAYSTATION3
Ten LINKS from now we’ll still be on top
Yo, I thought I told you that we wont REFRESH
Now whatcha gonna QUEUE when its cool
Bag a WEBSITES much longer than yours
And a team much SEARCH MORE than yours, violate me
This’ll be your day, we dont playSTATION3
Mess around be d.o.a., be on your way
Cause it aint enough time here, aint enough LIVE JOURNAL
For you to shine here, deal with MICROSOFT women
But treat BING fair, and im
Bigger than the city lights down in times square
Yeah, yeah yeah

I dont know what, they want from APPLE
Its like the more WEBSITES we come across
The more problems we BIT.LY
(repeat 2x)

Verse three: notorious DIGG

Uhh, uhhh
b.i.g., p-o, P-S-P
No info, for the, ESRB
FANDANGO agents mad cause Im flagrant
Tap my cell, and the Iphone in the WORDPRESS
My SPACE supreme, stay clean
Triple beam lyrical dream, I be DE.LICIO.US
Cat you see at all events bent
Gats in holsters girls on FIREFOX
Playboy, I told ya, bein mice to me
Bruise too much, I LAST.FM, too much
Step on stage the girls GOOGLE too much
I guess its cause you run with LINUX dudes too much
Me lose my IPOD touch, never that
If I did, aint no problem to get the LOLZ gat
Where the true players at?
Throw your rollies in the skyPE
Wave em side to side and keep your XBOX high
While I give your girl the PINTK TENTACLE, player please
Lyrically, FACEBOOKS see, b.i.g.
Be flossin jig on the BLOGGER of fortune
Five double oh, heres my SECURE IP number
Your man aint got to EMOTE, I got to go
Got the FAIL BLOG down pizat, platinum plus
Like thizat, DE.LICIO.US
On trizack, leave your WIKIPEDIA blizzack

I dont know what, they want from EBAY
Its like the more WEBSITES we come across
The more CRAIGSLIST we see
(repeat 3x)
Whats goin on?
I dont know what, they want from MSNBC
Its like the more WEBSITES we come across
The more problems we CNTRL ALT DELETE

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