Ninja Assassin – 9/10

I really enjoyed this movie. It is a gore fest Ninja movie through and through (which I haven’t seen in years).
It’s possible the things i thought were mistakes (watery blood. verses wounds that weren’t bleeding. shots with inconsistent lighting), were actually nods to old Ninja movies. It really did feel like someone’s attempt to do for Ninja movies what kill bill did for … every shaw brothers movie ever made? hmm. Continue reading “Ninja Assassin – 9/10”

review: The Box – 4/5

Watched The Box tonight, and really enjoyed it. While I don’t like camaroon diaz much at all, I loved pretty much everyone else. Also, I should probably disclose that I’m inexplicably a huge James Marsden fan (ever since Gossip), so I was quietly thrilled that he was getting his shot. I remember seeing frank langella in Body Of Evidence and thinking “Oh how the mighty have fallen.” And I didn’t really believe or respect his recent Nixon performance. but He totally fucking owns every moment he’s onscreen in this movie, methinks. It was like christopher lee or patrick stewart – you just find youself thinking this guy is dripping with presence. Continue reading “review: The Box – 4/5”

game idea – agin

random game idea. you start off in first person view, controls are razor sharp (high mouse sensitivity). there is no HUD. because you are a baby.

as you age, the camera moves back (slowly, over time/levels) to reveal a third person perspective (because you are becoming more aware of your surroundings), and HUDs are added as you learn how the world works.

at one point though, it is all to overwhelming and you start to decline. Camera zooms back in to FPS (over time again. subtley). and the HUDs start to clutter the screen, until it’s very hard to keep track of it all. controls get very sluggish (takes longer for inputs to translate into onscreen control).

ideally this change occurs during some sort of boss fight. Where you are demoralized and realize your “life failure point.”

that is all.
no clear game here. needs a plot and villian. just daydreaming about the art game aspect/experience.