web tool idea : Crowd Sourced Criticisms and Summaries

Ok, i’m pretty excited about this idea.
was watching a “Copyright Essentials for Faculty” presentation in Adobe Connect this morning, and trying to think up game ideas. (that is: rinky dink games that would convey and reinforce some of the more complicated parts of the lengthy legislation).

rather than a game, I’ve been obsessing on a “web 2.0 tool” idea, which i’m calling Crowd Sourced Criticisms and Summaries (CS:CaS). (Alternately, maybe it could be called “verbosity squad” or “hyperbole cop”)(or “MMOMU CaSS)(or Summark)

basically, when i see some text like “Notwithstanding the provisions of section 106, the following are not infringements of copyright” i often have to read it a few times to make sure I’m sorting out the bullshit language abuse properly.
I wish I could just click a button to read how some friend of mine has summarized it. Continue reading “web tool idea : Crowd Sourced Criticisms and Summaries”

game idea – agin

random game idea. you start off in first person view, controls are razor sharp (high mouse sensitivity). there is no HUD. because you are a baby.

as you age, the camera moves back (slowly, over time/levels) to reveal a third person perspective (because you are becoming more aware of your surroundings), and HUDs are added as you learn how the world works.

at one point though, it is all to overwhelming and you start to decline. Camera zooms back in to FPS (over time again. subtley). and the HUDs start to clutter the screen, until it’s very hard to keep track of it all. controls get very sluggish (takes longer for inputs to translate into onscreen control).

ideally this change occurs during some sort of boss fight. Where you are demoralized and realize your “life failure point.”

that is all.
no clear game here. needs a plot and villian. just daydreaming about the art game aspect/experience.

random idea

Sitting here in my cushy cubicle, animating kanji, daydreaming about a world where we only eat enough to live, and pour the rest of our meal onto our head and shoulders. This way, friends and co-workers can eat and lick off any tasty leftovers – and no one cares if your work-costume really looks fresh and clean. hmm. needs a villain. perhaps one who pours ice cream all over the floor of their cubicle, and sleeps in it at night. ehhhh. hm. maybe not. maybe a horrible idea.


the store is tenatively linked (from solid fuel studios.com).
needs work

this is a funky story about the science of space weather:

work on a new web strip has begun. comedy is out. scifi is the new black.

at home, my computer is still randomly blue screening (locking up), despite a brand new graphics card. sooo. pain. PAIIIN.

recently read the first four books of Scott Pilgrim and was pretty blown away. weoof. more later.

chick app

been enduring mysterious computer failures over the past few days.
ran mem test in safe mode last night. no errors. hmm.

today, i randomly restart and find everything loading fin.
i downloaded and ran GPU-Z (heat noter) and Aida32(system profiler). i find myself strongly suspecting that my graphics card has been overheating. hmm. though i started L4D and noted the CPU maxing out, alongside the GPU heating up. hmmmmmmm.

bleh. fail. fear.


bleh. my computer has been randomly restarting and sometimes just going to a black screen as windows loads.

today it officialyl just goes to blue screen instead of completeing the windows loading. very frustrating. i wish to kill the zombies (Left4Dead).

Running mem tests. but. bleh. need to fix computer. and stop playing video games. and get back to work. somehow.

in other news, i did setup (and am paying for) a shopping cart. just never bothered to link to it from any of the web pages. EEK!. must do this. must… make it look slightly prettier first, and then do this.

in other news, my good friend Maria has her new website uP! go visit! Http://www.mariadeira.com !!!

documenting Zine collection

Woof. i mostly blew off today. was going to at least organize my work space and prepare for a real work day tomorrow. but instead i went to a buffet. and saw tropic thunder (AWESOME). and finished watching Sorcerer (INCREDIBLE). and then rewatched the extended cut of the fellowship of the rings with roommates (it’s finally starting to seem like a little bit of a boring movie. maybe it requires a large tv to appreciate the many “spectacle!” shots.).

So. in the interest of posting something. here is a quick list of the zines i acquired at the zine fest (through trading my own work, or because they were free).

  • “Alan Moore : on the intersection of anarchism & fiction (an interview)” [awesome] -$free
  • “Gingerland” [awesome] -$5
  • “Kitties Don’t Know Anything” [cute but small time] – $?
  • “Burn all the things you have to burn” [haven’t read. but points for wrapping it with a large rope] – $?
  • “Levil Uniform the magazine” [skate zine. well printed. but i dislike the metal head art. half read, but really isn’t my thing. interviews with skaters and such] -$?
  • “If i could sing this would be a record label publishing” [haven’t read. Appears funny, but with painfully bad art/design] – $? (i actually paid for this one. Just to offer support, and since he paid for one of mine. $1)
  • “Consumption Issue 6” [haven’t finished reading. cool cartoon style, and well presented jokes. but i’m not digging the heavy politics] – $4
  • “Bum & Alien” [haven’t read. short mini comic. nice art] – $1
  • “No Conversation #1″[won’t be reading. exactly the kind of zine i’m terrified of. extensive personal rant text only] – $?
  • Bad Breath Comics #1 [haven’t read yet. comic] – $1
  • Zombies and Broken Hearts [haven’t read yet. comic] – $2.95
  • Steampunk Magazine [haven’t read yet. but excited] – $?

PDX Zine fest : Officially dead.

Gotta admit I had kind of a horribly depressing lonely time at the PDX zine fest. Not heading back next year. Guess I just don’t “get” the scene.

It’s like this celebration of idiotic business practices and purposefully lame entertainment ideas. What the fuck? Do you really want to read/write hundreds of words about your ass? Do you value some crazy person’s unfunny, half thought out, and poorly drawn political cartoons?  Do you always walk around saying “wowwww. that’s sooo rad. i like totally luvvvvv it. wowwww,” like a stoned moron?

Anywho. this is probably 90% sour grapes. And add a dash of extreme exhaustion. … And jealously that so few of the attendees appreciated what i was offering, or even cared to stop and look at it. I felt like i should be wearing a costume so that i might be taken seriously.

Today. this is all a rant about today. I have dimly fond memories of how the first day went. eep.

Before I rant further in this whiney diary sort of post, i should note two really cool people i’d like to promote. There were other cool and/or friendly people of course, but these two in particular offered the highest quality things for me at the show.:

www.tangledwilderness.org – offered the first zine i’ve EVER truly wanted with a passion, just by looking at the cover. and it was free! Also agreed to trade me for their steampunk magazine thing (the same publication that was at the maker fair? the same people?)
www.gingerlandcomics.blogspot.com – super talented nice guy who sat next to me, and mildly comforted me by just being a good human being. though i felt like his girlfriend was constantly giving me sour looks. maybe i smelled really bad. maybe they were cannibals. i dunno. whatever. this guy is super talented and you should check out his work.

back to whiney diary ranting of no importance.

I didn’t get to sleep much last night. I sleep with my windows open when it’s hot. And around midnight some crazy whore started screaming “don’t touch me! I can’t believe you left me there!” over and over, in the parking lot outside my window. that is, about 30 feet from head. I woke up with a start, 20 minutes after going to bed, thinking there was an emergency. Someone needs help!  Then i looked out and saw some drunk moron sitting on the pavement yelling at two nearby people who were trying to walk up to them. over and over. the screaming and the attempted approaches. kept repeating.

Then I remembered i live in a shitty apartment complex full of selfish scum. Weirdly wide awake, I wandered around for a while. Talked to my roommates. eventually figured it was safe to try and go back to sleep.

But these three fuckers were now standingaround on the balcony across from my window, drinking beer and talking shrilly in some other language. it’s about 2am by now, but these bastards don’t care. It’s time for them to get drunk and screech at each other. One guy in particular had an amazingly loud high pitched voice. of hellish pain. I tossed and turned. I yelled out random phrases. Out of my mind with anger. I fantasized about owning a gun so i could muster the courage to walk out and ask them politely if they could please be a little less drunk. I turned on my radio, full blast (playing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”. which i decided might actually have been strangely appreciated). I turned my radio down (thinking of my roommates, and other neighbors who might now want to kill me.) and switched to a classical music station. I have this theory that drunk people don’t like classical music. SHOT DOWN! I went out and smoked. I paced. I sat and stared at them for minutes on end, hoping they might notice and be creeped out. And just go back inside their damned apartment. christ.

Nothing worked.

around 4:30am I closed my window and sweated myself to sleep. They were less loud as well, admittedly (perhaps the classical had some effect).

and then it was up at 8:30 for a shitty day at the zine fest. Nobody bought anything. Except an old friend who stopped by and quickly left, leaving me more depressed that I’d ever suggested he might like it. Tons of hipsters, pretty girls, obese people, and freaks walked by. Many said “hi” if i made eye contact. but less than 5 out of hundreds stopped to look for more than a nanosecond. most seemed to look at me rather than what was on the table, and move along with their nose in the air. where are my people?

Anywho. the dude next to me was suprisingly cool, and some friendly gothics/punks in one booth were giving away a free transcription of a telephone interview they scored with Alan Moore – which was the highlight of the show for me.

This is probably too much information, and far from professional. but fuck it. soooo tired and angry.

Check back for the official show report at http://www.solidfuelstudios.com ! Yay!
With even more dirt and details! woo hoo!!!