documenting Zine collection

Woof. i mostly blew off today. was going to at least organize my work space and prepare for a real work day tomorrow. but instead i went to a buffet. and saw tropic thunder (AWESOME). and finished watching Sorcerer (INCREDIBLE). and then rewatched the extended cut of the fellowship of the rings with roommates (it’s finally starting to seem like a little bit of a boring movie. maybe it requires a large tv to appreciate the many “spectacle!” shots.).

So. in the interest of posting something. here is a quick list of the zines i acquired at the zine fest (through trading my own work, or because they were free).

  • “Alan Moore : on the intersection of anarchism & fiction (an interview)” [awesome] -$free
  • “Gingerland” [awesome] -$5
  • “Kitties Don’t Know Anything” [cute but small time] – $?
  • “Burn all the things you have to burn” [haven’t read. but points for wrapping it with a large rope] – $?
  • “Levil Uniform the magazine” [skate zine. well printed. but i dislike the metal head art. half read, but really isn’t my thing. interviews with skaters and such] -$?
  • “If i could sing this would be a record label publishing” [haven’t read. Appears funny, but with painfully bad art/design] – $? (i actually paid for this one. Just to offer support, and since he paid for one of mine. $1)
  • “Consumption Issue 6” [haven’t finished reading. cool cartoon style, and well presented jokes. but i’m not digging the heavy politics] – $4
  • “Bum & Alien” [haven’t read. short mini comic. nice art] – $1
  • “No Conversation #1″[won’t be reading. exactly the kind of zine i’m terrified of. extensive personal rant text only] – $?
  • Bad Breath Comics #1 [haven’t read yet. comic] – $1
  • Zombies and Broken Hearts [haven’t read yet. comic] – $2.95
  • Steampunk Magazine [haven’t read yet. but excited] – $?

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