Demon’s Souls (1%) – 10/10!

(The idea of this title is to mention how much of the game I’ve played before giving this rating. So i could go back at 50% and say “shit/10”, and again at whatever point I give up on ever playing it again).

So I basically got through the training levels last night. Which might even be less than 1% of the game?
But I’m totally psyched to go on, so I feel a need to rant it out.

* I’m still avidly addicted to watching Zero Punc. (which I think would be a charming new name/spelling for the show, implying both punk rock and a disdain for explaining your abbreviations through the use of proper punctuation). Continue reading “Demon’s Souls (1%) – 10/10!”

The Road – 27.65345241 / 29.937517

I really got into this movie. Saw it with about 5 other people, and am not sure what they thought. Perhaps because it left me in a very glum private place, thinking about personal things. I haven’t read the book. But i feel like the director did what he wanted. And I applaud the story for not bothering with details of the apocalypse. In a way, I think it is the story of a second apocalypse (or “the real apocalypse”) -as this guy’s family collapses. Continue reading “The Road – 27.65345241 / 29.937517”

Fantastic Mr. Fox – 10/10

I’ve been meaning to put up a review of this movie. But there’s really nothing to say. Except

  • It was perfect

  • I can’t think of any way to improve any part of it

  • I didn’t have time to stop and think about the movie, because I was constantly whisked along by it’s roller coaster plot and adorable details.

The perfect incredible achievement movie of the year. (i’d have to knock Moon down to 9.9/10 for it’s maybe sorta cheesy global warming fuel commercial thing/moments. It was handled fine, sure, but I wouldn’t have done it that way. Whereas, again, in Fantastic Mr. Fox – I never had a chance to stop and second guess any part of the movie.)

truly incredible.

(the Rat was my favorite character. each movement and dialog delivery had me giggling maniacally. I was thrilled to see that Willem DaFoe had done the voice, whilst reviewing the credits. I hadn’t recognized the voice. It raises him up a bit, in my book).
(jason Schwartzman also floored me with his great voice acting. I wonder if i would have enjoyed it as much knowing he and DaFoe were lending voice ahead of time. hmm. this is why i post a “spoiler” alert).
(I thought the whole thing felt like the DVD art for Rushmore and Royal Tennebaums come to life. My pal Jonason noted that the director didn’t draw that art. soo. I dunno what that means. but this review feels too short. so i jot it down.).