Apple vs. Adobe: My thoughts on the Jobs rant and rebuttals

my view:
Jobs is saying there is a difference between apps and the web.

I think the key is this:
“It is not Adobe‚Äôs goal to help developers write the best iPhone, iPod and iPad apps. It is their goal to help developers write cross platform apps.”

Some mention that apple could get involved in Adobe’s open screen project, but the whole point of that project is “o provide a consistent runtime environment.” How can you do this between a blackberry and an iPhone?

(degrading features gracefully? that sounds like something for the web, not for an app. !!!).

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web tool idea : Crowd Sourced Criticisms and Summaries

Ok, i’m pretty excited about this idea.
was watching a “Copyright Essentials for Faculty” presentation in Adobe Connect this morning, and trying to think up game ideas. (that is: rinky dink games that would convey and reinforce some of the more complicated parts of the lengthy legislation).

rather than a game, I’ve been obsessing on a “web 2.0 tool” idea, which i’m calling Crowd Sourced Criticisms and Summaries (CS:CaS). (Alternately, maybe it could be called “verbosity squad” or “hyperbole cop”)(or “MMOMU CaSS)(or Summark)

basically, when i see some text like “Notwithstanding the provisions of section 106, the following are not infringements of copyright” i often have to read it a few times to make sure I’m sorting out the bullshit language abuse properly.
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Review: Fringe Tv Show: White Tulip

This was my favorite episode of Fringe. EVER. (so far).

It was probably good enough to make up for all the shitty episodes this season. Good enough that i’ll be buying the set, just so I can study this episode in more detail.

Spoilerific Summary:

Walter encounters a peer.

Walter is a crazed genius who can move between dimensions, but here we see him meet a mad scientist who is able to move through time. they trade notes, lament their similar family-loss sob stories (which drove them each to their mad science speciality), and in the end they argue over the nature of god/science.

And, arguably, they both turn out to be right.

You don’t have to know the history of Fringe to appreciate. It can be enjoyed stand-alone, and I’d recommend watching it right now. Just go here

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Review: L4D2 The Passing DLC

I ranted on some forum about how the new DLC for L4D2 is great, because i couldn’t believe people were attacking it (sigh. Oh, internet). Since I’ll probably just be flamed, I thought it wise to save these thoughts on this here blog. n’stuff.

(spoilers for the DLC in here! don’t read if you haven’t played!)

…I thought this DLC was way better than expected. Crash Course was neat, but this one improved on all levels.

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The Lawnmower Man Director’s Cut – 32 minutes out of 140 minutes.

random thought barf, which I just attempted to post on netflix: (2,008 characters it seems…):

This is one of those rare movies that is completely transformed by it’s director’s cut.
the theatrical cut is a sloppy mess, but the director’s cut is genius held back by low budget filmmaking.

watching the 30 minutes of deleted scenes on the DVD really doesn’t work. You need to watch them integrated (only possible in the ancient VHS release?). Almost every scene in the movie has had beginning and ending bits chopped off to avoid references to the excised opening scenes.

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