eReaders and digital books – doomed?

Has anyone seen any good examples of digital comic books? (on eReaders or otherwise) If so, please comment.

I’ve come to think of comic books as my pulpy guilty pleasure. but I can’t stand them in any digital form I’ve seen. Whenever the-inevitable-transition-to-eBooks comes up, i think about comics. I’m sure I’ll enjoy fine literature in an eReader (potentially much easier to look up words, or references, influences, other people’s insights, etc.). But I think this is because some part of me treats reading “great literature” as a form of work. I can’t deny that eReaders offer many advantages as a tool for exploring great literature.
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Kris Straub – Jacked by One-Note Plagiarists?

I’ve been following Doctor Straub for some time now, because he’s just damned funny. And internet famous (like small indie bands of yore? It still feels exciting to be fan of his, because he deserves more fame than he has?). So I was disturbed to read that he suffers from little plagiarism indiscretions (if not monetarily, then intellectually). (edit: er. or maybe he just sees friends suffering from it, and it makes him think about it)
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Dickwolves, Rape Culture, Penny Arcade Fans and Fanatics

Apparently the crazed faceless masses of our dear internet have gone off the deep end about Penny Arcade’s attempts to not feel guilty.

They made a strip, the Sixth Slave, about the ignoble underlying nature of World of Warcraft players, and it somehow became a lightening rod for rape culture. (they followed up with a strip, Breaking It Down, about the lunacy of attributing the comic strip to the promotion of rape, which was then misconstrued as mocking rape victims). Refusing to back down, they proceed to sell a tshirt and pennant featuring a dickwolves mascot and sporty logo.

Here is an interesting summary of the community response, PAX Speakers Withdraw Over Controversy, by Alexander Bevier. I couldn’t resist offering my penny’s worth of thoughts:

If you wish to change the culture, I would encourage you to do the hard thing: and attend these PAX events.
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weekend box offpiss

idea for comic for this weekend (ignoring the limited releases)
list of movies coming out Aug 14
A cartoon goldfish turns into a mutated cojoined twins pop band that is kept quarantined from society due to it’s general disgusting-ness. sparks begin to fly between two of the gross band members/head growths.
jeremy piven turns up in a competing band, The Goods, and refuses to admit that his dolphin training skills could be used to help the goldfish return to normalcy… until he is paid to. after the reversion, the ponyo fish finds itself falling in love with random growths that it feels are time traveling expressions of its former mutation.

too… on the nose…?

… i am struck by how hard it would be to convey this tangled story web in a page or two of comic art. HMMMZ. hmmf.