Sorta Review: Surveillance (movie) & Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (game)

It’s hard to review a movie made for incomprehensible reasons. It’s like wanting to review food from a restaurant, but you’re not sure if they wanted to make an italian dish, or some sushi. They probably just failed. but since it isn’t clear what they wanted to do, it’s hard to say how they fucked up.

Surveillance is Jennifer Lynch’s second film. I watched it because I want to (unfairly) compare her to her father. See if anything rubbed off. And yet, whenever I saw anything that resembled a lynch moment, i found myself cringing. (like: a slow shimmering push-in on a police station with a bricked up window, covered by a droning industrial noise).

Uh. i don’t really have the patience to try and review this movie properly. … why am i writing this? Continue reading “Sorta Review: Surveillance (movie) & Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (game)”