PS3 vs. Xbox360 – Video Game Exclusives meditation

A friend sent me a list of exclusives for Xbox360 and PS3. So i boiled it down to what i care about. Tempted to start a database.

xbox Notable Exclusives that Matter [that I own or would buy] (~18 available now):
-Alan Wake (not out)
Banjoe Tooie(?meh)
Chromehounds (?meh)
Crackdown 2 (not out)
Earth Defense Force 2017 (?meh)
Fable 2
-Fable 3 (not out)
Gears of War
Gears of War 2
Halo 3
-Halo:Reach (not out)
Kameo: Elements of Power
Perfect Dark Zero
Saints Row (?an irrelevent exclusive, due to sequel?)
Tenchu Z (?bad, but i still want it. this came out? wha?)
Too Human
Viva PiƱata (?meh)

(note …Love Football … WHA??? apparently this was a japanese only soccer game?
and what about that horrible totem pole game for vision cam? not exclusive? heh… I also hesitate to list Shadowrun… heh.)

! – not on the list:
-Condemned (shoulda been)
-Dead Rising (shoulda been)
-Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter(…because it also came out on PS2 and xbox? – who cares? this is still a great game)
-Peter Jackson’s king kong ( as i recall it was on other last gen systems, but the 360 version had notably improved graphics.)
… I’m tempted to say PC releases don’t matter, and thus Left4Dead and MassEffect should also be listed. but.. hmm.

and, heh (arcade):
-Splosion man
-Geometry Wars
-Shadow Grounds
-1 vs 100

PS3 Notable Exclusives that Matter (~14 available.):
-Afrika (not out)
-Agent (not out)
-Demon’s Souls (not out)
The Eye of Judgment
EyePet (?meh)
Folklore (?meh)
-God of War 3 (not out)
Heavenly Sword
-Heavy Rain (not out)
Lair (? supposedly bad, but i still want it)
-The Last Guardian (not out)
-MAG (not out)
Metal Gear Solid 4
MotorStorm (?meh)
-ModNation Racers (not out)
Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Resistance: Fall of Man
Resistance 2
Siren: Blood Curse (?meh ?a remake)
– Uncharted 2 (not out)
Valkyria Chronicles

…Time Crisis 4 came out? WHA? with a guncon?!! but got bad reviews…
-by “Twisted Metal” did they mean the arcade rerelease of the 1995 game? or a rumored revamp?(laaaame)

! – not on the list (arcade games basically):
-that “zombies in google maps” game (last survivor on earth?)
-Calling All Cars
-that “petri dish version of geometry wars”

but even without arcade games and system features, I think xbox is still clearly better game exclusives.

One thought on “PS3 vs. Xbox360 – Video Game Exclusives meditation

  1. LOL better exclusives in your dreams. Uncharted 2 blows Gears and Halo out of the water some of them games are out now, and metacritic scored higher on average on PS3 games than 360 games.

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