game idea: Attack Die!

someone should make a 3rd person game with every in-game character tethered to a giant die. Like a big comical ball and chain, with physics.
annnnd: whatever face is currently up on the die controls the stats. (or maybe which ever face is getting the most light? so you could have three sided die? and puzzles where lighting changes?)

So you’d constantly be choosing whether you want to attack them, or their die.
(maybe have something where high numbers are good for defense, but low numbers are good for fast attacks).

maybe running makes die tumble around, but walking/tiptoeing keeps die stable. (so you could have stealth areas where you try to get a good roll, then drag it slowly through a deadly gauntlet. which would have to have minor bumps on floor for maximum white knuckles).
Like, the die could be contextual, reflecting how low your steps are (in this area).

maybe you could “level up” by adding more die. maybe different kinds of die could represent different powers (d3 is tied to your leg if you use fire sword. or a d10 is tied to your leg if you equip to ice shield).
picture these barbarians running around with 10 different kinds of die dragging behind them.

for some reason i find this intensely exciting. 🙂