Legion : 1 big fail out of 4 medium stars…

whoa-hooooooo. Turns out Legion SUCCCCKed. do not go see Legion. ugh. uhhhh.
(if you loved “The Prophecy”… maybe you should just rent this one. If you loved 300… know that this movie was also made for trucker rednecks, but didn’t bother to steal decent one-liners from other movies. Also this one mysteriously had zero naked men. so, sorry bout that.)
My brain is still kind of hurting. i guess it had some fun bad CGI moments. the good ones ruined by the trailer. My mom actually turned to me at one point and said “oh i remember this from the trailer.”
something seriously wrong about that, and modern trailers. I wonder if the ruinous trailer actually made the movie less interesting. maybe if it had all been a complete surprise…
no. no.
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Oregon Measure (66 and) 67: You $%@ing with me?

I started SolidFuelStudios LLC to experiment with starting a small publishing business (comics, movies, and video games). I made a couple grand off of contract artwork I did last year, but have more than blown it on business crap (computer purchases and comicbook printing costs) (yay, tax write offs). I have not turned a single dollar of real gross profit for my business. Continue reading “Oregon Measure (66 and) 67: You $%@ing with me?”