Oregon Measure (66 and) 67: You $%@ing with me?

I started SolidFuelStudios LLC to experiment with starting a small publishing business (comics, movies, and video games). I made a couple grand off of contract artwork I did last year, but have more than blown it on business crap (computer purchases and comicbook printing costs) (yay, tax write offs). I have not turned a single dollar of real gross profit for my business.

As far as I can tell, Measure 67 will raise my minimum flat payment from $10 to $150 each year. This is a change made for every business type that isn’t a “sole proprietor”.

Soooo, This would kill my experiment. Maybe i’ll change over to being a sole proprietor. Not excited. (Am I reading this wrong, somehow?)

I’m not concerned with the “when profits pass $250k, there are more taxes” stuff. I am just focused on this flat tax increase, which appears to be a big middle finger to anyone who wanted to start a small business in Oregon.

If they really want to fuck the rich a bit more, why not make this $150 flat tax start at $250k profit along with the extra taxes? Or maybe start it at $150 profit?

Lot of other factors here, sure.

But i’m lightly offended by the idea that this is being promoted as the only way to save our schools.
“tax those damned dirty faceless corporations and rich folks more! Otherwise poor kids will suffer!” sounds delightful of course.

But I haven’t yet seen my perspective addressed.
I’m guessing nobody really gives a shit about those who want to start small businesses. We’re all freaky losers anyways. how many can there be? hmm. … I’m writing this to try and gather my thoughts. Terribly worried that I just don’t yet “get” why it’s great for me to pay more for my learning experiment. I assume the common answer to my troubles will be “start a real business or shut up.”

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