The big picture of Star Wars (currently playing out on the small screen)

Wired asks the world to comment on how the Clone Wars CGI TV series “does justice to the sprawling universe birthed by George Lucas a long time ago in an entertainment galaxy far, far away.”
Here is my thought (part of a larger rant on why people who hate the prequels should shut up):
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eReaders and digital books – doomed?

Has anyone seen any good examples of digital comic books? (on eReaders or otherwise) If so, please comment.

I’ve come to think of comic books as my pulpy guilty pleasure. but I can’t stand them in any digital form I’ve seen. Whenever the-inevitable-transition-to-eBooks comes up, i think about comics. I’m sure I’ll enjoy fine literature in an eReader (potentially much easier to look up words, or references, influences, other people’s insights, etc.). But I think this is because some part of me treats reading “great literature” as a form of work. I can’t deny that eReaders offer many advantages as a tool for exploring great literature.
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