The big picture of Star Wars (currently playing out on the small screen)

Wired asks the world to comment on how the Clone Wars CGI TV series “does justice to the sprawling universe birthed by George Lucas a long time ago in an entertainment galaxy far, far away.”
Here is my thought (part of a larger rant on why people who hate the prequels should shut up):

This cartoon series is letting Lucas and his team learn how to properly tell Star Wars stories. You can see them experimenting and improving as the shows go on.

Another way to think about it: The OT and the prequels defined two very different ways to handle the sprawling possibilities that Star Wars presents (I’d argue that Star Wars is an attempt to present every type of story and every genre of film in the same universe – they just didn’t have a chance to fully exploring every possible nook and cranny of this idea in the limited running time of the movies).

So in a way, the Clone Wars show presents the cutting edge of how Star Wars can be enjoyed.

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