Jonah Hex: 2 blahs outta 5 wha?’s

I just got back from see Jonah Hex.
weird failure. lots of big stars. no discernable drama/pulse.
but still had some fun business (cowboys in weird west = hard to look away?)
but when the end came around, I felt like “wait, when’s this movie gonna start?”

Also: had weird shitty flash animation during the opening. WHAT:THE:FUCK.
to me, that’s something you do for story boards or DVD extras. it feels like “we ran out of money. so bob did this awkward animation. sorry, audience.”
weird. WEIRD.


it was probably the best straight-to-dvd movie i’ve seen this year. cept they released it in theatres.

p.s. weird to see the guy from american beauty being fat and boring (wes bently?) and the british guy from IngloriousBasterds being skinny and tattooed. not sure why they took the roles. to play off malkovich and brolin? I wonder if there was ever any time during production when any of these actors got a chance to spar with their skillz. hmmf.