Splice: 5 out of 3. (that’s like 166%!)

Splice is an awesome movie. all thumbs up!

… It’s like Cronenberg and Cunningham had a baby – then recruited a poetic jhorror cinematographer to film it. Who is this Vincenzo Natali? … (oh, snaps. He made Cube. huh.)

snaps. rumor is he’s adapted Ballard’s HighRiseand developing Neuromancer? (wub)

… or…. huh, this very recent interview suggests he’s still circling High Rise, and Neuromancer is but a glimmer. hmm. and he pissed on Snow Crash. :). ok, i guess he just said he couldn’t see it as a movie. but. I think the comment that Snow Crash is scattered all over the place tonally is : the fucking problem with Snow Crash. (I’m pretty much saying this jusssst in case a friend’s wife reads it. for she thinks me a fool for preferring gibson to stephenson. thbbbt! says I!)

Yay, Internet posts designed for one reader! yay!

anywho. Splice was tits. I can’t think of anything I’d have done differently.
Kind of eager to watch it again, just to see if it holds up. because. It was quite a ride.

appears the excellent cinematographer, Tetsuo Nagata, also shot Jeunet’s recent “Micmacs” and 2007’s La Vie En Rose (which I didn’t see, but several people told me was great).

to more directly address why I loved the movie (having slept on it). People who attack it as predictable or silly aren’t giving the writers enough credit. I think the core of the movie is about the problems that arise when a family treats it’s children like experiments (Which seems like most modern families I know).
it presents an update to the idea of a “Nuclear family”. These days the family doesn’t revolve around a bread winner. we have two equals, who compete with each other on some level (to avoid submission?). And children aren’t raised based on hundreds of years of tradition and morality – instead they are experiments.
To me the core of the movie is how this fucked up modern family fails to function.
(trying to think up a replacement for the delightful 1947 term “Nuclear Family.” nowadays is it a “Genetic Family”? a “Viral Family”… i need a term that implies two equal Nuclei, orbiting each other.)
(“Parallel Processing Family”?)

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