Erp birp purp

worked on the shopping cart/store stuff today. SO CLOSE. which is exciting for exactly: me.

Recently finished designing some shirts for a friend, for his fitness training business. Probably post the final designs in my deviant art account next week. Seems like a million things are in the pipe. Planning to flesh out the vidHero website extensively to better display all the stuff that is being made. but figured i should sort out the business of being able to sell my products first. being a business and all. yawn.

But for the past 5 minutes i’ve just been staring at a wall, daydreaming about how to make a kickass multiplayer version of Manhunt. I don’t know why i so often obsess over this little game. nobody has played it, and fewer have enjoyed it. (or am i misinformed?). i think it’s a grand socio-psychological experiment, and the scariest /most disturbing series of games i’ve every played. (i beat the first one a couple weeks ago, and am now slowly trudging through the wii-enhanced weirdness of the sequel.). check out the forums at if you’d like to discuss. ?

Annnnd… i’m not going to rant on and on about unfinished things.

But i will say: i’m off to the penny arcade expo for the weekend, with girlfriend and 2 pals. It feels really weird to be heading off to 3 days of expo just to attend and have fun. keep telling myself not to sweat any possible business angles and just have fun. but this seems quite impossible. one some strange scary levels.

anywho! more later!

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