the insanity will continue until morale improves


sooo, i’m out of my mind with busy. Monday a friend suggested his team might need me to do some story boards for some videos they’re handling for a big corporation. I worked hard all day tuesday to deliver some flash mock ups for the local video game making project. then wednesday i sat down and cranked out a sample storyboard sequence to try and land the job. I got the job. then thursday i sat around mostly fretting over how not to make an ass of myself (while also doing my finances, and spitballing various concepts to convey the video’s proposed message), and then got a call to head downtown and discuss the first video in detail. Today, er, yesterday- friday – I spent alllll day cranking out the first official boards. then i realized i was out of time, (the guy wanted them asap, to show the client), so i skipped polishing them and made up a sequence with the raw pencils.

a questionable move. hoping i didn’t make a mistake there. ehhhh.

but now i find myself beyond exhausted. too many hours without enough breaks. if you figure i made 20 drawings on wednesday, and 59 today, that’s like making 3 pages of a comic book in one day, spending the next day feeling sick with nervous idiocy, then making 10 pages the following day. 10 fucking pages is insane. I usually feel great if i can manage one page in a day. INSANE! not to mention all the focus/stress of trying to juggle concepts and storytelling/editing and vectors in your head. there is no room left in my head. i can’t remember what i was going to do this week for vidHero. ugh. though i do feel like i’m battering myself into a faster working methodologgygygygyg

ANd in theory, i should sit down first thing tomorrow morning and start polishing the drawings, for max professionalitytytytytyt,y.

but. geez. i dunno. i’m lightly hoping they’ll be thrilled with the raw pencils. though they seem embarassing to me. though i’ve underestimated people’s enjoyment of my rough work before. though. ugh.

anywho. it’s late. time for sleep. just noting the news.

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