Giving up on Mass Effect Andromeda (until well after launch)

This is the 3rd or 4th trailer for the new Mass Effect, and still nothing makes much sense?

Am I the only one who has been left completely cold by all their advertising for this game?

* So, you are a “pathfinder”? what’s that? Is this an established role in our culture that I’m just not familiar with? or a new concept in the ME canon (that needs to be explained?!?)

In the original game you were a soldier. Saren was going to wipe out galaxy. i get it instantly, and i’m on board.
In this game you are a sneaky scout? But you’re still killing things and fighting off tons of aliens? wha? Shouldn’t you be path finding so the real soldiers can bring their guns in? or if you are a soldier, shouldn’t you be protecting the ship with 20k people, not ditching it to wander around on shephard’s rare ship?(is it supposed to be the same ship? that seems extremely convenient/forced)

* Why did we leave earth? (why is this planet being called new earth? why are we marooned in space? we flew 600 years to get to a planet that we weren’t sure would work? Or we just got lost? so we’re idiots?)

i’m guessing they wanted to do the battlestar galactica story, of hunting for a new planet. but that story STARTS with the old planet being destroyed. you can’t just skip that part and expect us to be on board.

This game still feels like a random tangent, not an exciting important story that I want to take charge of.

* Archon says “surrender or burn?”. And someone says he is the “master of his game”? and “we’re about the change the rules” what?
He’s blocking our heroic pathfinder from safe haven… as a game?
Then a little more personality would be good for him. He doesn’t seem like a perverse mastermind, or bored death-game master. Just seems like a gutteral monster who wants to kill kill for no reason. his line migh as well have been “i’mma shoot you now.”

There’s sort of a cool opportunity here to reverse the original story. Would have been much cooler to just make this new trilogy launch trailer into something that reverses the original mass effect trailer. Focus on “They think I’m a rogue soldier, leading an unstoppable force across their galaxy.” (maybe mention that they know that Reapers destroyed ours. That they worry we’re Reapers/Collectors being sent into their eden)

* How do they know “he’s a human from another galaxy”? Do they have humans in this galaxy? wha?

And why echo that super famous hulk line from avengers – ugh. (+ if our hero is sad that “we’re explorers, not an army” – they why is he so smug later in the trailer about having an army-equivalent krogan warrior?)

It’s weird that we appear to be in a new galaxy with new cultures – but we aren’t learning anything about their cultures. What were they up to before we showed up? Instead they just seem to magically know/care about us and what we’re up to.

* Would have been cooler if:

  • We were percieved as the saren in this new story.
  • We were genuinely scouting, and struggling to get rid of all this military shit (weapons and soldiers), so we could find a different way to save the human race.

* Final thought:
but if the idea is that we’re just trying to find safe harbor, and are getting wrapped up in some big sick game – then you should start the trailer with Archon inviting us to his local galaxy’s big sick game. That’s the core conflict. You can mention that we’re pathetic and just need a place to rest AFTER you set up what we’re up against. As it is. this trailer just establishes that we suck, we’re kinda dumb, and we’re having a hard time just figuring out what to do so we don’t all die on a boat. But we’re also super thrilled to go kill some things and make out with the crew.

oh well.
the game looks super gorgeous. but none of the characters or story or gameplay has gotten my attention. blah. Very surprised they have released so many trailers, are so close to launch, and still can’t seem to remotely sell me on this new installment in a franchise I adored.

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