in the morning we wake (rant)

superrrr tired this morn. Case introduced me to to GoW2’s Horde mode last night. couldn’t stop playing. Nearly as addicting as L4D? … seems clear to me co-op survival is ten times the man that deathmatch ever was. makes me think my plans for a “fight the crazed homeless” vidHero game were misplaced. while that should be an option, it should clearly be a co-op fight to survive some sort of endless horde. i want to say yuppies, but i don’t really hate yuppies. iams probably a yuppiess. … FILM DIRECTORS! of course. you should be fighting off an endless horde of annoying filmmakers. this is very clear.

eh. anwyho. someday.

came here to (change the blog’s vis theme randomly, and) babble about web comic plans. clearly the printed comic is taking too long. Haven’t finished roughing out layouts for the second comic. keep rewriting and rethinking it.

this morning it struck me i should bite off less. Shouldn’t think of web comics as something light to do when i have spare time. should focus on them. at least for the rest of this year. give it a real shot and see if i can build an audience of more than 100 people. oof.

sooo. kicking around the old idea of weekly movie mockery. the old idea was to mix all the movies released each week into one weird universe/story. this was back when Driven was released against the mummy returns (so it was mummies on the race track). figure it might be fun to resurrect it as a way to hone my approach to vidhero art (speeding it up and simplifying it mostly, for more dramatic boldness/contrasts). Maybe do a friday strip based around trailers, and a monday strip based around what i saw that weekend.
potentially a mid week strip based around whatever netflix rental (or videogame) i’ve most recently played.
it all seems clear. maybe fill in with random VitreousHumor ideas when they come up (and they have come up).

no idea how to work in bloodsugar2016. that whole project is on hold until i can obsessively script out all the remaining entries. (i encountered this panic that my pacing was going to fail and i’d run out of time to hit the bgi twists properly. but writing it all out ahead of time turns out to be a major chore). really should have stuck with the original plan of just buying the URL and putting it up, and never telling anyone. (feel a little crushed by some friends who don’t like it so far. and a little pressured by other friends who keep asking when there will be more, although they’re probably just trying to be supportive).

annnnd. blah. excessively personal blog post: SUCCESS

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