Kinect : Gears of War (idea)

…I’ve been obsessing on Kinect all day. Wondering at how to make a serious game with it.

Keep thinking there could be an cool game that mixes two things:
1) the super-photo sleuthing from Blade Runner (“quadrant 3, enhance. go back. turn 10 degrees. enhance.”)
2) giving speeches (reading text aloud. maybe deviating from script if crowd is getting restless. emphatic gesturing.)

I keep thinking there could be a cool Gears of War tie in, where you are part of the upper echelon (government). You spend half your time scouring recent battlefields for intel after the Gears have cleared out, but before the enemy returns (taking photos, moving debris). Spend the other half your time giving reports and eventually speeches to inspire the troops. Maybe it’s the story of how a cold hearted reconnaissance spy nearly became president, during the 14 year war.

(story wise: could feature tons of cameos from soldiers we’ve met during the games. And you could be actively hitting on Marcus Fenix’s government girlfriend, Anya Stroud, causing tension. etc. blah blah).

Final level would ask you to pick up a controller and fight alongside the gears, without the armor.

… maybe have “Fleeing the scene” levels, where you crouch on the back of a vehicle others are driving and call in air strikes on a wrist hologram. (thus letting you see your torso on the tv, nearly covered in Gears armor, with all the action happening over your shoulder). Or maybe you’re listening for details of which roads are closed and trying to direct the driver down proper paths. Basically you try to keep a cool head, while everyone is shooting and exploding.

Would be cool to allow multiplayer with people who aren’t using Kinect.

main menu system would be minority report style interaction in the core HQ of human race.
… or maybe you creating the telepromter text for some on on stage.
Or at home drinking, at 2am. (behind the scenes of the game ideas)

… i dig the premise that : you are drunk. Could help explain the sometimes sloppy controls, and difficulty doing simple things. like pointing.
blah blah.

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