Kinect Gears of War idea

my dream for a Kinect Gears game (since I can’t make it) (as commented on wired’s Game|Life)

You are the president (of what remains of the human race basically).

A) You give speeches to the troops, with a first person pespective from a podium (minor kareoke mechanic decides if you are reading the teleprompter). Choose different speech pathes (a or b, color coded to indicate angry or heartstrings text) by gesturing to left or right.
Kinect tries to detect if you’re “spicing it up” with swear words or certain gestures. Like Dance Central: for delivering speeches.

B) You go out with a group of Intelligence Gathering gears, and revisit battle scenes from the 3 games.You quickly take pictures for review later, trying to cover as much area as you can, before the locusts return.

c) you escape the locusts. Basically since you’re so important, you sit on the back of the escape vehicle (see yourself reflected on screen, but with armor covering your body), and you direct your body guard gears to fire in certain directions, and call out commands/air strikes. Basically you’re tasked with keeping a cool head while everyone else fires the guns.

d) you review the photos you took, looking for evidence (the artifacts from the various games?). This is like Blade Runner. Just you alone, getting drunk, calling out to your 3D photo viewer to move around and zoom into various quadrants of the photos. The more evidence you find, the more you’ll have to talk about in your speech the next day. maybe there’s a bonus for “taking a drink” (either miming it, or playing this part as a drinking game in all the frats across america).

Rinse and repeat 5 times, for a quick “mature” kinect game. (sorry, just had to rant about this somewhere).

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