machines entering deep REM states

I’m currently cleaning up and organizing: everything.

listening to an interview with the smart guy behind “the design of everyday things” (and a series of related books that i was unaware of. oop)
a lof of good/interesting “big picture” thoughts about humanity’s relationship to technology.

I quit smoking a week ago. then went camping over the weekend. I’m now entering that shakey period where i think i’ve weathered the worst of it, and it’s time to start re-entering my normal activities. Yesterday i got a call in the early morn (well, 9am) asking if i could have storyboards finished by 5pm. And I was like “hello? wha? who is this?” got it done. but it was yet another curveball.

so now, to get back on track. i’m cleaning up everything. organizing each individual piece of paper in the┬áthree separate 10 inch stacks that have been on the floor at the foot of my bed for months. downloaded and ran CCleaner and SpyBotS&D to try and speed up my computer. the first cleaned out 8 gigs of wasted space. the second found nothing. sooo. hmm.

anywho. the only thing i really wanted to post was this: three random ideas from recent camping trip (which will no doubt be lost for years, in my drawers of random story ideas):

1-surfing haunted waves.
2-short film about “never turn your back on the ocean” warning sign. father plays with son, and keeps eying the ocean nervously. it seems that tiny sneaking waves are the worst of his troubles. until a giant tree washes up at 60 mph, and totally gores him to death.
3-i’d like to see a short “sciNow” movie about resolving a traffic skirmish with tech. ie,┬áreckless driver cuts off our hero on some winding country roads. Our hero’s passenger takes series of flashy photos, sends them to cops. blares warnings of impending legal over loud speakers atop hero car. reckless driver goes from living life like a soulless video game, to seriously fearing for the repurcussions of his actions.


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