life: grow up

Just a quick update on life stuffs.

Flew up to seattle on Monday to meet the team (of dudes i’m making storyboards for). I’ve been highly stressed for days, leading up to this meet. Now i am left a little down, brain dead, and eager to attack projects.

Feels like i’ve been spending all my free time on everything EXCEPT what i need to be focusing on: VidHero.

So i’m sitting down tonight to lock the script and roughs for issue two of vidHero. I’ll be doing it in a word document table, because i’m still in this corporate-storyboard mindset. Excited to put this bitch to bed, and move on to fresher stories. Though i should probably endeavor to make this bitch fresh again… Just not sure how. hmm.

Anywho. Also need to get the &#%!ing shopping cart up. although it seems pointless, because i can’t see anyone actually visiting this site and deciding to buy something. must do it anyway. because i gots shits to sells. and maybe 10 to 20 friends will buy things. and it’ll be a good learning experience. … i am writing all this down to try and talk myself into doing it. urgh.

anywho. Not much else to report. Not sure what i’ve already reported. which is a sign that not much has changed in the last week or two. sooo, i’ll leave off. sign off. shove off. for now.

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