Dream to Hero? (vidHero)

quick question for anyone: has there ever been a hero who only manifested his alterego when dreaming?

Marvel/Miracle Man was reinvented into something that swapped dimensions with its alterego, and that other dimension was a sort of permanent dream state. Etrigan the Demon takes over Jason Blood… but I can’t remember if sleep is involved. Dani “Mirage” Moonstar could manifest illusions of people’s fears or wishes. and of course there’s Shazam, Sasquatch (alpha flight), the hulk, etc. plenty of heroes who seem to get knocked out, then pop back up as somehting more powerful. just now sure “getting knocked out” has ever been a requirement…

Feels like there must have been a dreaming hero somewhere in the DC or Marvel pantheon, i just can’t remember them right now. Help!

I’ve long planned to have VidHero transition from a simple vigilante to a super hero (who can control light and sound) to a super shaman (who controls the bleedthrough from a universal movie dimension). but i’d always planned to handle the first transition by just revealing how he didn’t need the technology/suit to control the video attacks (like Captain Britain evolving to not need/use his suit to fly, just before he entered the old Excalibur comics). Now i’m really excited by the idea that this transition from vigilante to super powered (from Batman to Shazam basically) could manifest because his excessive use of the tech/suit has opened a part of his brain that can directly control light and sound (bending, solidifying, and immersing people in the mediums). And his transition to super shaman could be related to learning to dream while waking, thus manifesting his alterego on top of himself.

Also, it’s clear VidHero should act and talk like he’s in a specific existing movie, while Todd shouldn’t.

But I haven’t slept well in a few weeks due to a new baby. So i’m curious if i’m just ripping off something that’s already pretty well established.

p.s. in other news, I got a bit lost in the opening strips of a weekly vidHero webcomic last month. Couldn’t settle on the design or layout rules. started over-designing everything. then realized it was getting confusing (hard to read). and wasn’t very clear. or funny.

Shifted gears and started breaking down the scenes for a series of (6) webisodes that would add up to a single tv show episode when watched back to back. And I outlined 10 full episodes in this manner. Went over my breakdowns for the first 2 episodes (aka 12 webisodes) with Alan and Carrie, and it was pretty clear the first episode was overly complicated. I got lost in stupid shit about an emerging economy for bribing cops with specialized bullets, while Kyle straight- up kidnapped and tortured over 5 different “home security installation technicians”. … who were all retired cops.
it was pretty fucked.
(but the second episode is much more coherent, concerning the concept of “presence”. in VR and video games and such.).

Currently rethinking this first episode to be more directly about vidHero, and the stuggle to maintain a secret identity.
… and debating whether the main villain, and under cover cop, could turn out to be Underwear Wolf. would that be too weird? Maybe this bullet economy developed from people trying to create a lot of silver bullets? … probably getting too far off track again. (for a pilot episode at least, which should be establishing the main characters).
But i’m now obsessed with the idea that it’d be hilarious to make Underwear Wolf a character on the show. (this was a background joke in the first issue of the comic).

anywho. just wanted to mention that things are developing. expect some new vidhero creations this year!

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