Mad Max 2 : The Road Warrior : 100000 /10

I haven’t slept more than a couple hours in days now. Throat is raw and i’m getting sick. But I couldn’t resist making a bowl of cereal and heading downstairs to watch Mad Max 2 (aka The Road Warrior).

It’s been several years since I last watched it all the way through. It might be my favorite movie of all time?

It’s like the R rated star wars every young geek wishes they’d make, once the geek grows to be a jaded old geek.

The scene (sequence?) where Max takes the dying man as a ticket into the gas complex, and then the villains circle outside : introduces more memorable characters per minute than any film I can think of. It’s astonishing. from lord humongous to silly squirrel hat toadie to feral kid to cold warrior bitch lady to whiny old hippie woman to noble leader man to haunted boyfriend guy to crippled mechanic on bungie suspenders. to all the various weirdos in the gang of wasteland assholes who just stand or drive around looking rad. to all the cars. I can’t remember the last time dozens of people were introduced, and I “got” each one instantly, and had no trouble keeping them all straight for the rest of the movie.

Not to mention the insane stunts. For aesthetics and stunts alone, this film is a classic.

Plus it ends on such a weird noble downer. Max was tricked by the “good people” into risking his life to drive a tanker full of sand. the hero leader knew this when he tried to talk Max out of doing it half an hour earlier. But max insisted for some reason (because it was the right thing? because he had nothing else?). And the ruse worked, and the good people lived. but max couldn’t go with them. because he’s not one of them? because they fucked him over an he’s too honorable to be their bitch again? not clear.

so good.

gotta go try to sleep. but. had to write down some thoughts.

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