Eye See You, Phillip Morris – 3/5,3/5

I watched a couple more mediocre movies. … i’m … I’m sorry.

Eye See You (2002) was fun bad. Sly Stallone plays a cop who sees some bad shit, and has to go to COP REHAB. which is what the movie should have been called. I had a hard time explaining it to my wife without either of us laughing. anywho. really kind of bizarrely idiotic (it’s the kind of movie that tries to end on an up note, until you think about it and realize nobody has earned their big resolution, and walking off into the sunset is the most suicidally stupid thing they could do in this blizzard.). I’d say it was a lot like Renny Harlin’s Mindhunters. Except that came out 2 years after this one. soo. huh.
anywho. IMDB trivia teaches us that: Eye See You was shot in 1999 and sat around gathering dust until Universal quietly disowned and dumped it in 2002. Apparently Ron Howard had wanted to direct it at one point? So maybe the novel it was based on was good? somehow? I shudder to think.
what were they all doing in this shitty fucking movie? YIKES!
(directed by the GENIUS who brought us I Know What You Did Last Summer. which… I actually kind of liked. sooo. fuck.)
I Love You Phillip Morris (2009) wasn’t bad actually. it was like Catch Me If You Can (crazy impersonation capers) crossed with Permanent Midnight (dark dark humor) and then gay as all heck. Not really a movie for me, but I enjoyed it. Jim Carrey is the man. Totally called the big twist at the end before it happened though. soo. hmmf.

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