Django Unchained : (intitial thoughts) ?/!

The wife and I found a babysitter and managed to get out and see Django Unchained earlier tonight.

Very well made, as you might expect. but not at all what I expected. I think I expected a lot of standing around talking and philosophizing about slavery. Like I’d walk out of the theatre chewing over epic speeches. NOPE. I walked out of the theatre half nauseous at the violence and smiling at how they handled the final minutes.

I need to sleep on it. maybe buy it and watch it a few more times (in half a year’s time).

Currently, i’m still feeling a bit… disturbed? unsettled?
I remember being similarly shaky (sick to my stomach a little?) after seeing Inglourius Basterds. but. this one evokes those feelings much more so?
i think it might be the most disturbing film he’s made.?

very interesting to see how he works in some sort of cultural references, since he can’t openly quote/address modern pop culture.

the blood work was sometimes divine. like alien goo jelly bombs. but other times I was squirming in my see. my wife noted that she thought the difference was carefully drawn between violence to whites being silly and over the top, while violence to slaves was distressingly real. If so, that’s an interesting choice. but it left me feeling much more disturbed by the film’s effects on me. (need to watch Inglo.Basterds again to see if it tried something similar…?)

all in all, it’s probably a masterpiece. I was just distracted by all the things I thought were going to happen, which weren’t at all what happened.
also, i was pretty distracted by some pretty fucked up shit. lots of it.

Think I’ll definitely feel different about this film, after I’ve seen it enough to be a little more desensitized. which is a weird thing to look forward to.

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