PHASEtable: projector testing

uh, I currently don’t feel like posting detailed rants about all the ways in which I don’t think the NEC WT510 project I have will work for a multitouch table.
I tried a couple things with it. soo. i’m just going to poop out this “diary” entry to be done with it. better to focus on success! which will be coming soon. i’m sure.

so. ahem.

A friend gave me this projector, to see if I could use it for the project.
kitchen tomfoolery
First I set the bastard projector up on my kitchen table, to see if it’d fill the wall from a foot away. it was more than up to this task.
I thought my girlfriend and I might sit and eat while watching something, but the table was too shakey. and the image was overflowing like an elephants tits in gwen stefani’s … oh forget it.

desk project. or
Then I ran some tests of the projector next to my favored computer (where I sit now, typing all this). measure distance to wall, and other things, as evidenced by a detailed line art drawing I made. Sadly i didn’t measure distance from base of projector to base of image. so. kinda useless.
still. good to know I could easily use the project to blast a giant screen on the wall. convenient…

mirroradorthird, maybe a week later, I got serious about trying to bounce the image around for a 90 degree angle.
i’d read the instruction manual in detail by this point, and it clearly says not to turn the device more than 10 degrees. I asked tech support how much it might “diminish the life of the bulb” if I turned the projector sideways. they said the heat wouldn’t be able to escape and the bulb would explode inside the plastic guts. and not to do it. sooo.
I needed to reflect the image.

but, this test proved to me that I would not be able to do this reflecting business at all. with this projector.
(so i ended up buying another projector, which several people at nui recommended. more on that next time).

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