Space Cops: Progress and Random Ideas

btw, a lot of movement on the old Space Cops project recently. Stayed up late last night, recording a first crack at all the audio for episode 1.
Jonason and I sat down and reworked the first episode’s script this last weekend. I started the second script (pimp planet) a month back and sent it to him – sure enough he’s worked out an awesome scene by scene breakdown (and we’ll likely go over it this weekend to read out loud and nail down the dialogue). very exciting.

Years ago, i’d hoped to enlist many of the Rewind funny men to play individual roles via greenscreen. but the scripts never got down to being funny enough to bother asking people I hardly knew to waste their time. Now, I’m much more excited about just cranking out all the original ideas – with just jonason and I (and kshawn and alan if they’re interested, i guess) writing and doing all the voices, then animating quickly in Flash. Like animated storyboards.

Seeing the recent “Blamimations” over at penny-arcade was really the inspiration. The style seems to sit in this interesting space between web comics and storyboards and animation (which are all very dear to my heart these days). (…well, except animation really. That was a lie. The prospect of tackling some animation generally makes me want to die, because it’s so goddamn slow. Hand drawn, or 3DSmax. Flash seems the fastest, despite being the shittiest.).

My DREAM is to get windows 7 running on my lil HP touchsmart TX2Z (which supports 4 points of multitouch), and then find a program that supports *$^@#ing multitouch, and record fast animations in the style of those fascinating Ukrainian sand painting performances. crank some shit out. THRILLING. Does Corel Painter support multitouch yet? Does Flash? … It appears even iPhone’s Brushes app, when demo’d on the ipad, does not support multiple inputs at once. FUCK. … but i’m told MS Paint in window’s 7 does support multiple points of input (which is the ENTIRE REASON i paid hundreds of dollars to buy the new OS last week. Though I haven’t gotten around to installing on my lil laptop yet) … hmmmf.

eh. this is a dream. but. how can the world resist making it come true?
guess we’ll see.

* If you want to read the several-years-old Space Cops ideas, they be here. Forgive them their faults and rough edges Communication was poor back then. Also, there are quite a few other stories and notes sitting around in a filing cabinet folder. sigh. Including an entire episode based around the idea of a swat infiltration into the mines of a planet, which really fucks around with pacing… and still strikes me as very funny.

* Annnnnd anywho, I started posting this to record one random thought:

I wonder if there’s a story that could be woven around the idea of :
A planet that has one creature.

Imagine a giant fungus. Like the internet, it’s all one thing really, but it takes time for information to travel the length of the beast.

So basically the head pays the Space cops to deal with the butt.
But by the time the space cops get down, it’s changed it’s mind.


This also reminds me of dim memories of old ideas … not sure they’re written down… for example: “semi cops” – where a world is covered in freeways, and the local police all drive semi trucks. and “train to the moon” which… i don’t remember the story, but for some reason, someone had built train tracks connecting the planet to it’s moon. ehhh.

weird. hope there are notes lying around somewhere with more detail.


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