Saying “lost the mission” would be an understatement.

Took a 9 to 5 government job (with a union). Moved back to Corvallis (land of tasty food). Settling into a new basement apartment (haven’t see the Corvallis Basement Spiders yet).

Was also deathly ill. Vomitted blood. story for another time.

Finally starting to feel less chaotic.

But I’ve been playing a ton of Left4Dead (with only escalation in sight).

Very close to being broke (like 8-bucks-in-checking-account broke). But supposedly getting first paycheck this week. should be back to freewheeling by the end of next month (when next paycheck arrives). several debts to attend to. weee.

I feel very close to being a simple friendly old man. it is weird.

but the comic books and art explorations WILL CONTINUE NEVERTHELESSSSSSSS. sometime. soonish.

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