PDX Zine Fest : Still Happening…

Woof. So I ended up enjoying very little sleep. But the fest has proven sort of fascinating so far. So many strange and interesting people. Not sure they’re my people. most seem to take one look at me and move on. most others take a look at my comics and move on. it is strangely depressing. BUT, around a dozen people actually wanted one of the two comics. And this proved immensely gratifying. wee.

What i should be doing right now is busting ass to get the website(s) up to snuff. but. buttttt. soooo tired. Was psychotically exhausted when i first got home. like babbling incoherently. that form of exhausted. now i’m in more of a slow moving zen state of waking meditation. I keep thinking of alternate forms of humorous signage to make for the booth. so strange. Anywho.

instead of sleeping when i got home, i cranked out two pencil pages for this blue line art board contest. I’d been meaning to (dying to) work on this all week, because some industry luminaries have agreed to judge the entries. and there are very few entries. and the deadline is tonight at midnight!!! So i buckled down, put on a NIN tour HD-DVD, and cranked out two pages. they are embarassingly rough. but hopefully the layout ideas came through. They were further muddied by a crash course in how to use my new all-in-one printer for scanning. yuck.

anywho. here are the two pages:


and here is the contest (where you can see other (far more polished) entries, and the script:

sleepy time… Tomorrow is another day! ANOTHER DAY OF INANE BABBLING WITH CRAZY PEOPLE (whom I would like money from)… it is fascinating how, if nothing else, this fest experience has taught me a lot (a ton!) about how to summarize and pitch my work(s). super important. yay. i am suddenly overwhelmed with joy. 🙂

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  1. I’m almost called you last night to ask how the first day at the PDX zine fest went. Glad to hear it’s been a good experience so far. Did Carrie go with you?

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