Dream Girls

Prepping to run another table at another small fest (the pdxzine fest, http://www.pdxzines.com/). This week i’m cranking out a quick mini comic called “Dream Girls,” based on a dream my girlfriend had many years ago. (she kept a dream journal, and I asked her to select a couple dreams she wouldn’t mind me interpretting) I’d love to keep on making endless minicomics that concern the strange dream logic states of girls. weee.

The idea is to make one of these so-called “personal diary” kind of comics, that the indie comics crowd seems to gravitate towards. While i think vidHero is embarassingly personal, they seem to view it as a super hero bullshit (not even pompous criticism bullshit, which i intended people to mistake it for). blah blah.

anywho. millions of things afoot. But a roommate is asking for a ride to the MAX. sooo, more later.

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