Woof wuf Gong Sons

I really need to get into the habit of posting daily about the endless “goings ons”. Its 3am. so maybe today is a loss.

but here’s a quick attempt: Polished the colors for the third (final?) bit of movie concept art i’ve been fretting over for a local filmmaker. Will post in my Deviant Art Account when they’re all done. Next up is polishing t-shirt logos for Waldow. Possibly some tattoo “angel wings” art for another friend.

But this will be the week of Jedi6 space sequence end-gaming. Next week is Carrie’s dream comic, and the following week is board game polishing. These are uber tasks i’m laying down to ensure they get finished well before hell freezes over. Sooo, today i went out and bought a variety of things for the jedi sequence. Some toys that looked vaguely like alan and jeff (just spent an hour painting the mace window to have hair and be wearing the proper red-lapeled coat. Painting Mutt’s tshirt black was a cinch. hopefully post photos in here once I snoop out a miniUSB cable). I had to use some wire cutters to remove their legs so they could both fit in the cockpit of the jedi starfighter toy i bought last month. wee!

Also shopped for some things i thought would be key to the “ultimate weapon”. Ended up blowing around 30 bucks on trash cans and tubing and toys. Fred meyer’s didn’t have the trashcan lid i wanted so i had to hit home depot. When i reviewed the current animatic a few hours ago, it seemed clear that i was spending way too much time and money on this thing. hmm. no offense. ugh. erg.

Earlier today i finally sat down and painted the two planetoids i crafted out of paper mache. the red and blue paints were fun, but carrie offered some black paint… and i may have gotten carried away. In the crazy bright sun, they look awesome. but inside, they just look black (until you get very close up). Anywho. done.

And i guess that’s it. Less you count staying up way late last night working on Vitreous Humor. Re-watched kill bill vol.2 with carrie (her first time). started to re-watch mad max earlier in the day, but as usual i got tired after the awesomeness of the opening sequence. blah blah. I’m not sure how much personal bullshit to throw in. hmm.

Might be worth noting some exciting developments for the vidHero movie (plot pretty much nailed down during recent trip to Seattle), and theCommercialMovie (figured out Kshawn’s stand up political comedy act, and how to rework the ever expanding plot as a tv series). but. eh. hopefully these details will show up soon enough. … more later. sleep time.

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