May I Bleed to Death Beneath the Burnside Bridge

Page 20 bummersthat headline was another alternate title for issue two (been fiddling around with various goofy/bad phrases).

in related news, Issue one is officially done. sent it off to 2 pals for thoughts. will print out on my crappy printer for other friends to review/comment on.

But really, i think it’s close enough. Only planning to entertain advice about glaring typos. All other feedback can be applied to issue2, cuz this bitch is cooked.

Next up is the cover (color! eek!), and then prepping extraneous pages to flesh out the print run (letters, copyrights, sketchbook, previews, etc.).

So I want to be excited! but instead i’m kind of exhausted and defeated by the process. woof. more later.

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