deadlines crush crush

page 17bleh. sitting here without motivation to work. too damned hot and muggy. perhaps i am dehydrated.

working on page 18. slipped off the treadmill today and only did half a page. (i’ve been doing two each day this week. have i mentioned already? bleh. BRAIIIINNNS). blame GTAIV. that’s all i want to do right now. play play play. but i’ve played all day. so i made some chicken noodle soup with tiger hot sauce.

Kitty DistractionCarrie’s cute three legged cat is laying on some old notebooks. so cute. will post picture here.

erf. may go watch alex’s copy of They Live. been meaning to. erf.

basically, page 18 is all about driving through the city. i thought it’d be funny to have car accidents happening all over the place. it’s never said, but, Todd doesn’t know anything about driving a scooter. I thought it’d be funny to have him receiving progressively more naughty images from his girlfriend as he races towards their date. but I hate drawing cars. perhaps i just hate cars. unless they are in GTAIV. my god. ugh.

anywho. stayed up quite late last night, and finished the script/break downs for the issue. i’d left the last two pages completely unresolved, save for a vague idea of what would happen. it felt GREAT to finally nail down the text and layouts. but now it feels like the comic is done. even though there are 3.5 pages left to draw. plus all the text to go back and put in. and the extra pages to flesh it out. ugh. UGH. bleh.

too hot.

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