in the morning we wake (rant)

superrrr tired this morn. Case introduced me to to GoW2’s Horde mode last night. couldn’t stop playing. Nearly as addicting as L4D? … seems clear to me co-op survival is ten times the man that deathmatch ever was. makes me think my plans for a “fight the crazed homeless” vidHero game were misplaced. while that should be an option, it should clearly be a co-op fight to survive some sort of endless horde. i want to say yuppies, but i don’t really hate yuppies. iams probably a yuppiess. … FILM DIRECTORS! of course. you should be fighting off an endless horde of annoying filmmakers. this is very clear. Continue reading “in the morning we wake (rant)”

in the rhyme of sickness

been pretty damned sick for several days now. i seem to have covered the entire spectrum of sick activities and unhappinesses. do we all go through this? why does it seem like “i can’t think straight for all the dizziness and congestion” is just a stage before “its in my chest now, so I’m tired and my throat hurts.” with possible side roads through vomit and bowels and such. i’m frustrated by the lack of anything new. and the time wasted.

thursday was spent out of my mind, festering and aching in a ball. Friday was clear headed but 8 kinds of gross, with elements of extreme nausea. today seems to backslide to congestion town and dizziness. hmm. the feeling of backwards progress is the worst part.
so blah blah. i bought some junk food and mailed a letter, and blah blah, it seemed to break the endless cycle of “drink water, nap, wake up 20 minutes later desperate for the bathroom – repeat”. yay. i don’t know why i’m still babbling about this.

too personal!

i just finished watching TheMatrixReloaded, while chowing some Wendy’s. This is the first time i’ve watched the flic with the “critics who hate it” commentary track. it was kind of fascinating. to see how they were oh-so-wrong, but also sometimes very right. and that’s what i wanted to rant about, before it slipped my sickened mind. Continue reading “in the rhyme of sickness”

just watched “the mindscape of alan moore” with my parents.
my dad seemed to snooze in and out, and my mom seemed to get notably antsy (but paid close attention).

I greatly enjoyed it. It’s kind of embarassing. it’s still very powerful.

It’s another one of these “idea polemics”. a seemingly random rambling rant from an important smart person, laced with pretentious imagery and excessively dramatic editing (as if the filmmaker wants you to stop every 5 minutes and “PONDER THAT SHIT, PEASANT! OOOOOOH!!!!”). Continue reading “”


Saying “lost the mission” would be an understatement.

Took a 9 to 5 government job (with a union). Moved back to Corvallis (land of tasty food). Settling into a new basement apartment (haven’t see the Corvallis Basement Spiders yet).

Was also deathly ill. Vomitted blood. story for another time.

Finally starting to feel less chaotic.

But I’ve been playing a ton of Left4Dead (with only escalation in sight).

Very close to being broke (like 8-bucks-in-checking-account broke). But supposedly getting first paycheck this week. should be back to freewheeling by the end of next month (when next paycheck arrives). several debts to attend to. weee.

I feel very close to being a simple friendly old man. it is weird.

but the comic books and art explorations WILL CONTINUE NEVERTHELESSSSSSSS. sometime. soonish.


just finished watching Ridley Scott’s “A Good Year”. i thought it was very charming and delightful. i’m not sure it worked as a “romcom” proper. but. it did warm the cockels of my small black heart.

and here it is almost 430am. It appears almost certain i’ll be taking a proper job in the next week, and the change in schedule will be extraordinary. This the new thing I’ve found to be nervous about. Next I expect i’ll manage to be nervous concerning the quality of my work, and worry that no one will tell me to my face how aweful it all is. But hopefully that will be a brief phase of neurosis, and all will transition to wine and roses once it becomes clear this isn’t another small business boiler situation. hopefully. Continue reading “Checkup”

Checkup : bleedy feeties

random nonsense title : check.

Just wanted to mention Fritz Leiber. Just stumbled across the guy (reading a graphic novel by Mike Mignola and others, which adapts some of his strange fantasy). Thought YOU might enjoy TOO:

Today was interesting. woke from a weird dream. All inspired to work on Jedi 6 effects (recreating Devil’s Tower in a cheap’n’cheesy landscape program. basically inspired to do everything except decide on the gun that will be the focus of the neededs shots).

Also stayed up a bit last night writing out narrations for the Poor In Portland documentary. Like, trying to think of what to say (and how to edit) during the start of the film. which was a refreshing reminder that the project isn’t all that impossible.

I think i was enormously inspired by a simple email from friend-jonason, who mentioned resuming work on one his videos. i’m tempted to confront all my friends with the apparent fact that i thrive on artistic competition, and if they could all just work on shit- i would be a thousand times further inspired to work on my own. to out do them. in a friendly way.

i needs it. the competition angle. me thinks.

anywhoooo. need to return some library books. buy some groceries. prepare some sort of VitHumor for tomorrow. night already seem sorta shot. erf

checkup: hoo ha

nothing much new really. Feels like I’ve placed my whole life on hold for over a month, while pining for a paying job with friends. Should be resolved soon. i hope. good lord.

Daniel Waters, the writer of Heathers (and helper on scripts of hudson hawk, Demolition Man, and Batman Returns), recommends the work of PAddy Chayefsky and Billy Wilder. I just mention as a note to self, so i can throw away a scrap of paper. He also recommends “The Second Sex” by Simon de Beauvoir, to anyone hoping to write women characters. Continue reading “checkup: hoo ha”