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    Are you considering having something made JUST FOR YOU?

    Please answer these questions to yourself before
    you fill out the paperwork for an Initial Garment Bid Request.

    • What kind of fabric do I envision using? (Ex: inexpensive broadcloth vs. high quality velvet)
    • What underwear will I wear with it? (your size changes)
    • What 'level' of sizing do I want? (Ex: straight off the pattern or an altered pattern with a muslin sent to me first to try on?)
    • What 'level' of sewing do I want? (Ex: all French seams for long lasting use vs. one unfinished seam)
    • How much trim do I want? (Trim can be expensive to buy, and adds lots of labor)
    • How long am I willing to wait? (I need it tomorrow or am planning ahead for next year)
    • For historic re-creations: how accurate do I want to be ("inspired by" vs. no zippers, completely hand stitched . . . etc?)

    *Please be aware that having something custom sewn is NOT a
    less expensive alternative to purchasing it 'off the rack.'*

    While it may be more expensive, custom sewing gives you:
    • the freedom to customize your garment down to the itty-bitty details
    • the opportunity to size the garment to fit your body, just how you want it
    • better quality for life-long enjoyment

    Thank you for taking the time to consider what a custom garment entails. Incognito Costumes wants to make your custom sewing dreams come true. To do this, we have set up some policies to facilitate communication prior to and during the garment construction and the final exchange.

    Communication/Contract Procedure

    1. Initial Garment Bid Request:
      The prospective customer fills out this form to give Incognito an idea of what they want and their proposed method of payment.
    2. Receipt Verification:
      Within 2 business days of receipt of the Initial Garment Bid Request, Incognito will reply, via email, to let the client know the Request was received.
    3. Initial Garment Bid:
      Incognito will complete an Initial Garment Bid and email it to the client within 4 business days of receipt of the Initial Garment Bid Request. This Initial Bid will give general costs of fabric and labor to let the client have an idea of the final cost. Incognito will include questions specific to the item requested to help promote a detailed conversation about the final garment.
    4. Client response:
      The client will be able to decide if the Initial Garment Bid was satisfactory. If so, the client will respond with their acceptance and respond to Incognito's questions.
    5. Garment Agreement:
      After conversing about the details of the garment and it's construction, Incognito will send a Garment Agreement to the client. This agreement will outline each detail agreed upon with a final price and an estimated construction time.
    6. Material Fee:
      Incognito will start construction of the garment immediately upon receipt of at least 50% of the final quoted price. If, once the fee has been received and construction has started, the client decides not to continue, Incognito will return all monies recieved minus 25% of the final quoted price.
    7. Progress communication:
      Incognito knows you can't wait to see what's happening with your garment and we are committed to keeping you up to date via email and pictures throughout the construction. Depending on the client's agreement, some items may be sent to them for fitting purposes (shipping costs will already be included in final cost of garment).
    8. Garment shipping:
      Incognito will let you know as soon as the garment is finished. We will verify your shipping address and current balance. Once final payment is received, we will ship you your dream garment! Incognito will contact you to make sure you got the garment and that you are completely satisfied with it. We would love to hear from you after you have worn it and will put up any pictures you send.


    Incognito is devoted to delivering your dreams, yet we are all bound by the laws of reality. We offer a limited warranty for materials and workmanship from the time of receipt to their first laundering or one year, which ever comes first. We reserve the right to alter warrenty length for non-garment items, but we will expressly outline those changes in the final Garment Agreement.
    Thanks again!