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    We realize that cost is a large factor in making the final decision of who is going to manifest your dream garments, but we also realize that you do not want to spend a huge amount of time describing your dreams to every custom sewing company you come across - only to find their quote is out of your range! What a waste of everyone's time! This Initial Garment Bid Request is meant to give us a general idea of what you want so we can give you a general idea of our costs.

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    We are working to fix as soon as possible.
    Please email us directly in the interim - 6/30/2008
    Personal Information
    Street Address
    City, State Zip
    Phone Number
    E-mail Address
    Waist Size
    (in inches)
    Gender: Female Male
    Garment Information
    What is it? Dress Shirt Pants Coat Cloak
    Accessories (bag, hat, gauntlets . . .)
    You may pick more than one, or send separate requests.
    Relative fabric amount? Small Medium Lots
    This is kind of tricky, but no worries! We mean the amount of fabric in relation to other similar garments (regardless of your size or fit). For example; you are thinking about a dress. Is it a tiny miniskirt with a slinky top (Small), or perhaps a nice fitted 50's dress (Medium), or maybe a gigantic Civil War era dress (Lots)?
    Garment fit? Fitted Baggy
    What kind of fabric? Calico ($3) Costume Satin ($5) "Suiting" ($10) Fancy (velvet, brocade satin) ($15 and up)
    How much gathering/flouncing? Smidge Medium Lots
    How much lace/trim? Smidge Medium Lots
    How much customization? Smidge (Here are my 3 measurements, just use the pattern)
    Medium (Here are my 8 measurements, modify the pattern to fit)
    Lots (Here are my detailed measurements, please send me a muslin to try on and modify before you start sewing the final garment.)
    What quality sewing? Smidge (Unfinished inside seams, quick and servicable!)
    Medium (Finished seams, but don't put too much time into it.)
    Luxury (Use french seams throughout, precise top-stiching, and/or handstiching for historical accuracy.)
    Brief description and/or anything we didn't ask about that may affect the price?