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    Yellow Lolita Dress
    This cute little dress was sold via ebay.
    Made from a pattern found in the Gothic-Lolita Bible (4), it's cute and sassy in light yellow with blue flowers.
    Nov. 2003
    Burgundy Renaissance Inspired Dress
    A sumptious dress commisioned for a young woman.
    Made from the Simplicity pattern #8735. The overskirt and bodice are a burgundy velvet while the underskirt and sleeves are the wonderful ivory 'cloud satin.'
    April 2003
    Steampunk Goggles
    What do you make for a creative, brilliant boyfriend who has everything? Steampunk Goggles, of course! I used an old leather purse and door hardware to create much of the eyepieces, although I had to fabricate my own brass brackets.
    March, 2008
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    Fairy Wings
    Every toddler needs fairy wings...
    March, 2008
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    Ruri Cosplay
    A custom creation! This Nadesico's Ruri sleeper was made with 100% cotton twill with a front zipper and attached paws and feet. The feet used Foamies as the soles for comfortable convention footwear
    December, 2008
    Maid Outfit/Formal skirt
    This client wanted several things at once. A fun maid outfit for Halloween, a formal black skirt for work, and a renaissance shirt for the Shrewsbury Fair.
    All of the patterns were created for this client.
    Oct. 2003
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    Elf Archer Costume
    This client wanted an inexpensive archer costume. We found a leather coat and a leather vest at Goodwill and with some heavy needle work I created a vest, boots, gauntlets, and arrow quiver. With a couple yards of muslin I made him a peasant shirt, too. He LOVED it!
    Oct. 2003
    Darn! No pictures!!
    Willamina Tamerlane, Jedi6: Queens of the Sith
    I played a character in Alan Winston's Jedi6 movie and I decided she needed an extensive wardrobe -- at the last minute. I pulled together two outfits out of thin air.
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