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    Let us make your dreams material!

    Combining a passion for history, fantasy, and sewing we've created Incognito Costumes, an unlimited costume creations store. Our interests range from historical re-creations (Civil War and Middle Age Europe), to futuristic Sci-Fi (Star Wars, The Fifth Element), and even to the mists of fairy. We also look across the world for inspiration; creating Japanese Animation characters and Gothic-Lolita fashions. Shop for finished items on hand in the Store, browse our Archive to see our sold work, or contact us to bring to life your dream costume.

    As a budding company we offer you personal contact to ensure accurate finished garment sizes, progress updates, and follow up once you're received your creation to guarentee that you are completly satisified.

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    Introduction and news about Incognito Costumes
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    A photo gallery of past creations.
    Directions for requesting custom work.
    See our Etsy store for what is currently available!
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