As time permits,

I'll fill in this area with all the details from the game. Need to transcribe my notebook basically.


So, all the characters, weapons, and props - with text descriptions, rough sketches, final concept art, and 3D models hosted on SketchFab.


I'll also include stories from the development and abandoned ideas, probably as llnks to entries on the Solid Fuel blog (I'm not clear yet how much to put on this page, versus linking out to longer rants).


-warren 1/21/2018


Original "Gameplay" rant
Intro: The game begins after you have just been obliterated by the Projectionist's solid light machine. First, you reincorporate (establishing your default ghost state, which cannot attack or hold items). The Projectionist calls out his taunts and sends a cartoonishly large REMOTE CONTROL to your area with notable PLAY button. Second, your sidekicks (a robot tripod, "TRIBOT" and a drone your roommate is controlling) bring over your suit - establishing that you need to match the suit's head and hand positions to embody it. You can also swap out your videotapes at this point to modify your powers - the hand and shoulder projector on each side of your body can be modified by placing a tape into that side's GAUNTLET. When you load a new videotape, the old one is ejected with much force. Third, when ready, you press play on the Projectionist's remote control to begin a round of fighting. A bear is then projected into your area. Loop: Your foe(s) start at a distance, roaring to announce their approach. Using your distance attacks will speed up their approach. Your close up attacks will drive them away. Each of your attacks does different amounts of damage on each of the foe's body parts. But any videotapes you are not holding can modify the foe's body parts and attacks, if they touch them. As you are attacked your suit can be grabbed and torn away from your (ghost) body. The suit will then settle into a frozen pose of agony, until you reacquire it. Think twister (large body movements encourage embodiment, which is a key to VR immersion). Whoever hits zero hit points first loses the round. If you lose, see the intro above. If you win, you can high five your drone sidekick to transfer your Point of View to his, and watch your suit running and jumping (awesomely) into the next arena. Either way, your score is projected onto the theater's large screen. End: While this is an endless "wave shooter" at heart, it is possible to complete the story. Defeating a bear in each arena throughout the theater will unlock access to the projection booth where the Projectionist awaits.

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